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The Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources in Western China(Gansu Province)

  • Mineral resources are the guarantee of sustainable development of national economy. Western China has superior metallogenic geological conditions and contains a large number of mineral and energy reso..
    01 / 05
    Introduction of Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources in Western China
  • Aiming at the strategic objectives of economic and social developments of the country and Gansu Province, our Lab focuses on the major scientific and technological problems in the exploration and expl..
    02 / 05
    Development goal
  • ​The Key Laboratory of Mineral Resources in the West of Gansu Province focuses on researches mainly in following fields: 1) lithospheric evolution and regional mineralization in the west, 2)
    03 / 05
    Research direction
  • Cathode luminescence photography; scanning electron microscope photography; major elements, trace elements and Sr-Nd-Hf isotope analysis of rock power; zircon U-Pb age analysis.
    04 / 05
    Test Items
  • Laboratory photographs
    05 / 05
    Laboratory photographs

History The new starting point, new hope

  • The key Laboratory Resources in western china(gansu Province)was approved to be constructed the lab under operation at present
  • Geology was approved as characteristic speciality of institutions of gansu province;the Scences was founded sa geology separated from the institute of Resources and Enveronment;
  • Geology was approved as the first-level doctoral discipline
  • Post-doctoral Research Center of Geology was approved
Institute of geological science and mineral resources of lanzhou university, was established on September 10, 2011 formally unveiled the plaque. School history can be traced back to national lanzhou university founded in 1946, the department of geography. Geology undergraduate programs set up in 1958, department of geography at the same time changed its name to geology department of geography

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